Timothy Graul Marine Services 
located at 211 North Third Ave.
Mailing address: P.O. Box 290, Sturgeon Bay, WI 54235.
Phone: 920/743-5092 FAX: 920/743-7936
Email: information@TimGraul.com


Consultants to the marine industry...
Our client base spans the entire globe and includes governments, corporations, shipyards and individuals.

We are proud to have successful vessels afloat on virtually every ocean and navigable waterway. 

TGMD featured in Professional BoatBuilder Magazine (Jan '08)

"General Practitioner"  Naval architect Tim Graul built a Great Lakes-based practice doing everything from workboat designs to marine surveys to incline tests.

Mark Pudlo, Chief Naval Architect at Timothy Graul marine design (TGMD) has purchased the design segment of TGMD, Inc. effective December 31, 2006. Mark and his new company, Seacraft Design, will continue the naval architecture and marine design practice begun by Tim Graul in 1981. Mark has been with TGMD since 1987, the summer before his senior year at Webb Institute. Mark has demonstrated his competence, thoroughness and creativity in the many projects he has successfully carried out. He plans to move his office to another location in Sturgeon Bay.

Graul said that although he wont be taking on new major design work,

I will not be leaving this business I love. I will continue my marine consulting and surveying work, in the same office weve been in for over 25 years. My phone and fax numbers and e-mail address will also remain as before. Ive been able to live out a dream that started when I was a kid in junior high school. The friendships made; the challenges met and the vessels created will always be with me.

News Release - November 6, 2006

Design of the Schooner "Denis Sullivan" 
To visit the schooner's website for information and schedules, visit http://www.pierwisconsin.org/

Projects Photo Gallery

Timothy Graul Marine Services - a brief history

Our Mission

Our design and consulting experience includes:

  • Passenger/Excursion Vessels

  • Dinner Vessels

  • Yachts: power and sailing

  • Vehicle/Passenger Ferries

  • Tugboats and Pushboats

  • Barges

  • Dredges

  • Military Patrol Boats

  • Pilot Boats

  • Commercial Fishing Vessels

  • Repowerings

  • Lengthening and Conversions

  • Performance Consulting

  • Surveys and Appraisals

  • Structural Analysis

  • Tonnage Consulting and Admeasurement

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